11 Important Questions

You must know before renting a property

Tenants Guide

  1. Research – Seek advice from friends and family to find the best location to live in and take a tour of the different areas. 
  2. Transport, Recreation & Schooling – Base your desired location on factors such as; your workplace, transport system, child’s schooling and recreation amenities. 
  3. Budget – It is time to produce a budget plan to see if you can afford your desired area. Include existing payments and expenses such as food & transport, as well as rental payment plans, moving costs and down payments for DEWA, telephone and A/C. 
  4. Property Features – When viewing properties, take a notepad and list down important features that are a priority to you. 
  5. Size – It is important that if you are moving into an unfurnished property and you have your own furniture, that you make sure it will fit. 
  6. Inspection – Make sure when viewing a property you have a good inspection to ensure lighting, plumbing and electrical are all in good working condition. For any issues you come upon speak with your estate agent and the landlord. 
  7. Documentation – Prepare all documents required by the UAE Law and Regulations. 

For a Company: 

  • Current and Valid Trade License. 
  • Passport Copy of the Tenant. 
  • Residence Visa Copy of the Tenant. 

For an Individual: 

  • Passport Copy of the Tenant.
  • Residence Visa Copy of the Tenant. 

    8. Rental Payments – At the time of signing the contract, the landlord requires the first cheque up front and if there are other cheques these are post-dated. Make sure the payment terms are clearly stated and agreed upon.

   9. Other Payments – Tenants pay a deposit of 5% of the annual rent to the landlord as a security deposit. Real Estate Agencies also charge 5% of the annual rent as their agency fee. Once all this is done a tenancy contract is drawn up stating property details, payment terms, and details of the landlord and tenant.