Buyers Guide

  1. Determine how much you can borrow – If you are in need to put a mortgage down to buy the property, you will need to find out how much you can borrow. The amount you are entitled to is based on your income and the mortgage type. It is best to ask around different lenders and banks to find the right deal for you. 
  2. Confirmation of where you want to buy and why – You need to base your final decisions on whether you’re buying the property to live in or as an investor, and your budget plan. Other important factors include; your workplace, children’s’ schooling, transport and recreation activities.  
  3. Local Bank Account – it is required here in the UAE to set up a local bank account, this is needed for the purchasing process before and after. 
  4. Find your Property – This is the best part and is a big investment for you, so take your time in choosing the right property that satisfies all your needs. Take notes and pictures when you view properties and ensure you have an essential and desirable features list that you are looking for in your property. For any issues that may concern you, you can always ask your agent or the owner of the property.  
  5. Additional Fees – Have your consulting agent inform you of the additional fees and charges that are required alongside the basic price of the property. 
  6. Price Check – It is always best to conduct your own research and find out that what you are paying is in comparison to other similar properties in the market and location.  
  7. Documentation - Prepare all documents required by the UAE Law and Regulations. 
  8. Making an Offer – Once you have found your desired property, inform your consulting agent to make an offer which will be communicated to the seller. 
  9. Offer Agreed – Once your offer is accepted, your consulting agent will start drawing up the buying process. 
  10. Registration of Title Deed – You will need to register the title deed at the land department which takes a few months to process, so keep following up with your consulting agent on when you can receive the full title deed. 
  11. Congratulations! – Once documents are completed and returned to the registry office, you will officially become a property owner in Dubai. 
  12. Legal Advice – Consult a lawyer for the process of drafting up the Sales and Purchase Agreement. 
  13. Payment Deadlines – Before paying the deposit, ensure you can commit to the final payment and transfer date.