Landlord Services

  • To advertise and market the property for sale or rent through online website portals and other media. 
  • To receive calls and emails from prospective buyers or tenants who are interested in buying or renting the property. 
  • To take the prospective buyer or tenant to view the property. 
  • To prepare the sales agreement. 
  • To prepare the tenancy contract agreement. 
  • To assign an agent to the property for any queries of the landlord. 
  • To assist in the collection of cheques on the behalf of the landlord. 
  • To deposit cheques to the landlords account on his behalf. 
  • To pay service charges on behalf of the landlord. 
  • To do any maintenance in the property with the permission of the landlord on his behalf. 
  • To inspect the property, to ensure it is in good condition during the vacating hand over process to the landlord.  
  • To snag, inspect and collect the keys of the property from the Developer on behalf of the landlord. 

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